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I am spending cash on VC for cards I will only use for another 3 weeks

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    Certainly get into sniping or simply playing to create and pile mt, I have been enjoying since 2K16 and I have always begun with a budget so that I can stack my mt for when op cards come out and to also have mt to spend for endgame. Yeah that was my target essentially. Play and use economical beasts for as long as I can and use rewards and freebies as far as possible until the 2K21 MT tier like GO begin coming out. In 32 working full time with a 1 month old I really don’t have enough opportunity to sit down and snipe in front of the TV like I would when I was younger.

    I understand, but even if you sit and snipe for an hour you can still make mt. The best ones to begin the year is 500 filter, silver filter and also whatever the maximum tier is filter. The filter recos are appreciated by me. I’m certain to ask a couple questions, when the game drops. You’ve been super helpful. You are welcome, I’ll make certain to find some more after I purchase NBA 2K21.

    I am spending cash on VC for cards I will only use for another 3 weeks. Especially since there is no more”grind” left in NBA 2K21. I’m just having a little fun in TTO and unlimited, playing. 2K waiting until the last 3 months to discharge the best cards is a huge money grab. I think they would make more if they gave us enough time although I know the business side of things.

    That seems like a good idea in theory, but you would know that its awful not having content for this long if you played MUT this season. Myteam and I typically play with to escape to relive it. The last 3-4 MUTs have had massive content droughts at one point or another. It is why I stopped last year playing with that Cheap NBA 2K21 MT manner. One thing 2K cannot touch MUT on is Draft Champions (I believe that is what it is called) 2K certainly requires a draft mode next year. I think I will skip 2K21 if they don’t revamp MyCareer and MyTeam.

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