HYT SKULL VIDA – Wake up from the Ice Age
The latest version of HYT Skull combines high technology and art, bringing new materials to Mammoth Ivory and HYT Skull Vida.
The launch of HYT Skull is, for me, the first example of a very technical brand that turns to more philosophical rather than rational consideration of time. The most obvious is that it uses a enamel pattern on the dial, which represents the concept of souvenirs in past history; Latin: "Remember that you will die."
Placed on objects used in daily life, the enamel pattern becomes a jumping point that reflects a person’s mortality rate, and is used to motivate people to remember the truth of vain in the earthly life and the transcendence of the pursuit of the earth.
However, in the context of HYT Skull, this commemoration is not only the main focus of the dial with the enamel pattern. In fact, what we found in this watch is the wonderful use of the brand’s unique fluid technology, which adds a layer of meaning through the deliberate confusion of precision.
The capillary we found in all HYT watches drew the shape of the cymbal in the course of 12 hours, and in this way we can perceive the time of fluid landing. We may know the time, but we don’t know the exact minute, let alone the exact second. Why this is important is because its statement goes beyond the concept of HYT Skull as a watch. Yes, it may have the parts that make up the watch, but as an object, it resists the temptation to fully embody this identity. Instead, it tells us through its design that time may be important, but it is too precise for it, and the overall meaning will disappear.rado watches for men
So what is a watch with dialing material that makes us reflect on the new Skull Vida, this watch reflects the deeper concept behind HYT Skull? After all, from the long-term extinction of the furry mammoth can symbolize the simple and beautiful ivory of time and death?
The closest creature relative to the mammoth is one of the last mammoth species extinct about 4,000 years ago. It is an Asian elephant, although it is larger and more similar than modern African elephants. It is suitable for extreme cold, long and thick fur coats, long and curved ivory, which has been replaced 6 times in a person’s life, not only for carrying and manipulating objects, but also for fighting and foraging.
As a prehistoric animal, it is one of the few animals that today has a strong life in our imagination, in part because of its similarity to modern relatives, in part because we are able to delve into it because this discovery is in Alaska. And frozen corpses of Siberia. This rich material has evolved from this research into the past to clarify our modern understanding, and of course, in the latter’s penetration cream, it is now the ivory of the HYT Skull Vida dial we have today.replica luxury watches
Tell me about the process of presenting Skull Vida in the context of other Skull watches in front of it.
The HYT Skull model combines the unique elements of the HYT logo. The process of making a skull foundation model is an artistic and tedious process. The curvature of the capillary makes the skull shape not just for aesthetic reasons. As the liquid flows through the glass tube, skull itself becomes the medium of time – the passage of time, and the time that has not yet arrived. When the liquid returns once every 12 hours in the bellows, it is a new and unique molecular configuration that will never be twice as large.
With skull Vida, our goal is to establish a tension between life (Vida) and death. It embodies the concept of carpe diem, reminding us to always seize this day and dance the tune of life, as if today is our last.
The most interesting aspect of skull Vida is the material used to make the hoe on the dial. Tell me why HYT decided to use this material.best replica watches review
We use mammoth ivory because we want to create connections with humans and life history on a personal level. I have slept for nearly 30,000 years under the permafrost in Siberia, and we want to give this hidden treasure a new life. The beauty of this material is that it is sensitive to changes in ambient temperature and humidity and is constantly evolving.
A key feature of mammoth ivory is that the sharp Schlegel line (the cross-hatching on the antenna pattern or ivory) is less than 90 degrees. The material also exhibits fluorescent properties due to the presence of iron phosphate and vivianite. When the ultraviolet light source is irradiated on the ivory, there may be purple spots, and the touch on the biological material is very good, which is slightly different from what we have done in the modern world.
Skull Vida is a combination of technical achievement and art. Now, the art world is not usually associated with brands like HYT, using interesting materials and rare sources, as well as carvings. What signal did skull Vida send in the creative interpretation of the future skull series?
Many people see art as an art form from the past. Just like a fixed way of thinking, the complexity of watchmaking needs to be mechanized. But see what we did on HYT! We have created a complex function that is not only mechanical but also fluid technology, which has no precedent in the watchmaking industry. This has nothing to do with what we do (except our original inspiration, Clepsydra Water Clock).replica u boat watches
Again, this is what we are doing for Skull Vida carving. We are taking an art that has been around for a long time and making it a natural HYT.
Does HYT have the internal ability to achieve engraving, or is it done by an external expert?
We work with experts and different independent artists who are very talented in their respective fields.
Tell me about the design of the engraving. Does the material of the dial have symbolic meaning?
The design was inspired by the facial painting patterns of the Mexican Arts Festival participants, “Dia de Los Muertos” or “Day of Death”. We chose this design because it adds another layer of meaning to the existing elements of the Skull collection and this special watch, Skull Vida, which includes huge ivory. Overall, the watch is so dense that it has so much meaning that it constantly reminds us of how we should look at life.
The strap is also part of the design cohesion. What material is this made of, and what is the pattern it contains?
The strap is not an add-on because it has the same mental design as all the elements of the watch! The floral pattern symbolizes the prosperous nature of a happy life. This is a very comprehensive approach, the whole is far more than the sum of the parts! Hublot mp 05